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About Coaching

Coaching is about an outside observer giving you tips and techniques for improving your game.

Our runner’s concerns may include performance enhancement so that ultimately he can enjoy the experience of running.  The runner strives to enhance what makes him most effective and drives to learn what areas of his running could improve. He does this by enlisting the aid of a coach.

People who want to get better at what they do in any walk of life — family, work, relationships, outside interests — work to develop their talents and turn them into strengths.  One way to do this is to hire a dedicated coach who has the ability to observe from a distance, nurture, improve and enhance performance.

A coach will watch you practice and make suggestions.  Perhaps the runner should have less movement in his arms.  Perhaps by moving several degrees forward, the runner can increase his speed. With each suggestion, the coach empowers the runner to take full advantage of a new and unique way of running specific to him.

The ADD Coaching Group educates, nurtures, improves and enhances your performance by focusing on your "unique brain wiring" to maximize your strengths.


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