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ADD and you

ADD people can teach others about ethics and humility. Many of them know what it is like to be teased, and they know how much it hurts. This makes them display a much stronger moral character.

"It is your natural birthright to be happy and to live a prosperous and abundant life."
Frank Coppola

ADD persons are the ones that you want to be involved with in sports, business, church and cultural events. This is because they are energetic, smart, resourceful, charismatic, creative and also resilient! These are the very same qualities that it takes to be a successful professional in ANY field.

ADD persons can learn to recognize their own gifts and pursue their passions. ADD people are often exposed to a great deal of criticism over their entire life.  Through expert coaching they can be taught to focus on their positive attributes. When ADD persons do what they love, their symptoms tend to disappear. 


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